Shoes Specifications

Our shoes are made in a region of Mexico that for several decades has been specializing in the production of leather footwear.  The factories have over 30 years of experience and its products are marketed in Mexico, USA, Europe and Latin America.

The shoes are made of fine leathers.  For the lining and the insole of some models, we use pig or sheep skin.  The use of leather on the inside of the shoe allows breathability of the foot.  Models for which the lining and insole are made of manmade materials have a system that allows air circulation.

The insole is ergonomically designed to provide comfort for prolonged standing or walking long distances. The sole is shock-absorbing and anti-skid.

The shoes are easy to put on and take off, suitable for business and business casual dress codes, and are resistant to light rain. We have specialized models for persons with special care needs for their feet.

The specialized line for diabetics is made of very soft sheepskin, borderless internal seams and they are wide and deep. This line is recommended for people with diabetes, the elderly, for those using orthotics or those with some deformation of the foot.

The dress line, in addition to being elegant, also has the characteristic of being a very comfortable shoe. Its interior is padded and lined with soft leather.

The best way to know all about the quality and comfort of our shoes is to try them. You will never want to use any other brand!