About Us

 Himulco is a Canadian company.  We are the exclusive distributor for Canada of , , , and , high quality leather shoes made by our partners in Mexico.

Our mission is to provide local footwear retailers with high quality shoes, competitive prices and an easy-to-access inventory. This allows the retailer to focus on developing, growing and improving their business. It also serves to support the brand that we represent through the commercialization of our shoe brands in the Canadian market.

We have a distribution warehouse in Victoria, BC.  Our business model offers retailers the following benefits: timely stock up, a 'just-in-time' inventory system, prevention of over-stocking of inventory and low inventory management costs.  We also operate a shoe boutique which allows us to gain first-hand feedback from our shoe brand customers, and to have a showroom to display seasonal styles for our distributors to choose from.

We offer fashionable and comfortable shoes for men and woman that allow prolonged standing, walking long distances and even biking with comfort.  Look for more information about our products in the Shoes Specifications section.

Our business plan is all about establishing relationships with local retailers.  These relationships combine the sum of the strengths of both the retail and wholesale sectors, creating a competitive advantage that benefits everyone. The customer benefits the most by receiving the strengths of this alliance through better service, better pricing and quality products.

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